Vitality level 3 is needed for hideout upgrade as well as level 5 for the quest The survivalist path – Combat medic. If you somehow didn’t get it level by simply playing the game grate job! Here we will try to help you with how to level this and few other skills at the same time.

Vitality decreases the chances of bleeding up to 60% additionally decreases the chance of dying by losing a limb (even that we were told this feature of Tarkov was removed) but this information is still on the official wiki so we put it here.
Elite perk will stop all bleedings on their own after a few seconds.

This skill is leveled when you’re taking damage or losing blood, you can gain a little over 1 lever for quest completion.
In case you have a small bleed you can use Propital to countermeasure hp loss due to bleed and this way you will level this skill.