Sound is the most important clue in Tarkov. This rule is most important for new players of Tarkov. If you’re in a financial struggle with gearing yourself up for the next raid try to use these priorities as a guideline.

  • Best affordable ammunition for the type of gun you run and if it will not penetrate level 3 armor you should think about leg meta as a way to go.
  • Medical supplies which will stop the emergency of bleeding or broken bones.
  • Armor which will protect your thorax from a few pellets of scavs.
  • Gun which you have probably can be a little better for a little more and it might make a big difference in the outcome of your firefights.
  • The headset which you find best for you. In my opinion, ComTacs2 is the best middle ground for comfort and sound profile. GSSH is cheapest and loudest but annoying and painful over time.
  • Helmet
  • Backpack but if you’re not going for loot mainly you can trust me your opponents will supply you with not only backpacks.
  • Additional Stims.

Gunsmith struggle

Whenever you will be making Gunsmith quests don’t forget to save presets, you will be able to use them next wipe or to help your friend to build it right.