Training in Escape from Tarkov? Almost every player I’ve met on my journey through Tarkov was always trying to train by simply playing online. Only a few I’ve met knew that playing offline with or without AI is possible. But how can we call it training and how to use this feature in our progression.

Map knowledge is crucial for extraction or survival in this game. There are many extracts which some of which are conditional or optional. If you don’t know how to escape how you plan to survive at all? Thanks to the offline mode you have a chance to just run around without AI or other players to simply get acquainted with map locations or extracts. You should try every map at least a few times to learn about spawn locations and all possible extraction areas. 

Combat training offline gives you a few gigantic advantages. 

  • You don’t lose your money, ammo, or any other resources.
  • You can keep track of your progress by increasing difficulty and amount of AI to challenge yourself  more to get better
  • You can learn how to prioritize your tasks while fighting or looting
  • You can discover new paths, angles, or positions on maps
  • You can try crazy jumps or escape ways from dangerous areas
  • You can learn AI behavior and habits
  • You can feel gear and get used to it before you will lose it
  • You can learn loot spawn locations and positions of high-value items
  • You can learn and try the time needed to travel between different locations

Let’s discuss the basic mechanics of target acquisition and fights against AI. many players are having difficulties with scavs and riders because they don’t understand their behavior and methods of engagement.
Gear your PMC, on the starting screen choose map Factory after time choice you will be on screen with “Enable OFFLINE mode for this raid“. Mark this option and a new menu will appear on your page. Checking the “Enable PvE” option will give you the possibility to change AI difficulty and AI amount which is what we are looking for.
Scav war” this option will enable AI to fight with each other. In my opinion, the only purpose of this feature is to stress test your hardware when selected a horde amount of AI.
Enable Bosses” this option will give a chance of bosses to spawn.
Tagged and Cursed” it is an option that will make all of the scavs rush towards the player, no matter his positioning on the map.

How to set up training sessions and track the progress of your gameplay using Offline Mode.
Set up a Factory map on the gear you choose to train. Enable PvE and choose Amount of AI Horde. Start from Easy difficulty and turn of Tagged and Cursed. Try to survive the whole map time and get the end screen as Missing in Action. If you achieved it increase the difficulty of AI.

Don’t camp in one advantage position but move across the map. Try to hunt your enemies and use cover locations when you need to reload or med. Probably you will be able to find your limit where you will die and this is a setting you want to start your progress from. This minimal level of difficulty where you still can fight your enemies but every now and then you die. As soon as set difficulty became easy for you increase it for one level higher. As soon factory is no longer a challenge for you you can do the same setup but on labs. On this map try to activate as many extracts as possible. While playing this way is easy to try to lower your gear. Go to offline raid without armor or with a very limited amount of ammunition which will push to loot and use the gear of your victims.
Keep track of your scores, amounts of headshots, and damage taken from the enemy. Write it somewhere in a file of peace of paper to see your progress over multiple games. You can use this technique as a warmup or challenge for friends. My personal qualification setup was going to Labs raid with FN 5.7 pistol as a weapon without any armor. With any non-armor face cover of your choice. (my one was balaclava) and beat map with Horde amount of AI with the hardest difficulty. After achieving this another step was to have a minimum of 80% headshots and a minimum of 70 Raiders killed ultimately to survive to stage of MIA. This way you will learn how to prioritize actions and choices. You will learn how to pick and position yourself in a fight against AI but this will also improve your aiming and shooting skill greatly.

Good luck and keep us informed about your progress and your achievements in training routines.