Gear Insurance is a very important mechanic, which will help you and your team minimize losses. When you die, all your meds, grenades, ammo and eatable items are gone. Insurance will not work when you’re missing in action. When you see there is no time left to extract, make sure that you drop your insured gear on the floor so you can get it back. Same technique might be use in case of extended fire fight. When there is few minutes left to extract you can just cover bodies of your team and run to extract with little time left. Chance that someone will find it loot it and find his way out is slim to non.

The only guaranteed place, where you can toss your teammates items, is outside of the map or in an inaccessible place. Remember drag roll of items might vary due to a specific location or type of item. We will try to show you as many locations as possible in interactive map form which will be much faster and easier for you to learn.

Edge of the map.
If you have a teammate with you very easy way to get items outside of the map is to jump on top of him and toss them over a wall. Most of the edge walls of maps are not high enough to stop it. In some cases, you can do it using windows or rock formations to drop items outside of the accessible map zone. Easy to remember examples are in Customs trailer park extract in the corner you will find a few cars bus and a fuel truck. when you jump on one of the cars you can toss items which will be lying next to you but you will not be able to reach them. Another example might be on Reserve map where checkpoint like building located in the northern central part of the map, windows facing north are giving you the chance to drop items outside of the map.

Difficult to reach places.
In case when you have a higher strength level you will be able to find many locations that are hard or not possible to reach for other players. As we stress many times strength is one of the most important skills in-game. A simple example might be again on Customs in “water” building on Factory zone. with a higher strength level, you can jump on top of blue water containers and stuff dropped between them will not be accessible for anyone. Make sure that stuff you tossed is ready otherwise you will not be able to get it back. In such a big magazine with top-grade ammo will be gone.

Tossing weapons.
Why we are trying to toss our weapons into the smallest possible parts. Usually, the value per slot of the gun is much lower than the attachment included. One of the techniques to increase your income is to carry special weapon parts which allow you to install in raid many other attachments taking only one for two slots of your inventory. When someone will find an empty gun without any attachments unlikely he will pick it up. On the other end picking up many small parts of the gun from bushes might be a very hard task even when you know where you dropped it. Usually attention level of scav players is not very high and they will not have or notice small while drop on middle of their screen while running through bushes.

Tossing gear
The case of teammates’ gear differs from weapons just by the size of items. For example, Wartech TV-110 plate carrier filed with Striker ULACH Tan and ComTacs2 headset with balaclava and glasses and some empty mags inside of Berkut backpack is barely visible in grass or bushes. But the same equipment on its own will take bigger space lying separately.

Ammo and other supplies.
Friends who died can assume they lost their gear and other goods they found on the map. But if they had good ammo and some loot it creates a form of gratitude for tossing service provided by your teammates. If you ask him to bring you ammo or mags and he will agree, grate! We treat this as a form of appreciation for saving a massive part of your loss. Remember they are risking their life, gear, and loot to save yours. Don’t forget about them in the opposite situation.

Perfect bush
is not existing but make sure that you are at least 50 meters away from the body of owner. Always try to avoid paths that are very common among players. An example might be bushes outside of dorms in customs close to car extract. Many players walk across this area they might find it easily. Just use your imagination and common sense. Always try to think outside of the box. Empty room with no loot spawn in it might be a better idea. But even in such a room try to hide it behind doors instead of dropping it in the middle.