This article will give you a general idea of how to organize your stash in a manner that will get you ready to raid faster and better prepared. Of course, it’s a foundation for your own custom improvements but it will give you some starting point.

The first stage is the size of the stash and free space in it. Since the option to upgrade your stash size was introduced many players decide to stay with their lower than EOD accounts. It is amazing that now you don’t need to invest real money to get the same experience but never o less it sill will cost you time and afford to get there.

Our guide was build based on efficiency and consistency while getting ready for the next raid. As everyone knows sitting in the lobby will not make you a better player but actually being in the raid will give you the opportunity to learn. Our team used many skills from other games to create these ideas. Even things like distance traveled by mouse or amounts of clicks were taken into consideration. There is more than one good way to organize your stash and it depends on available containers and founds. But since the same principles will be applied results should be similarly good.

Let’s start by understanding which containers are most valid in the early stage of the game and what they can hold inside.

The order of containers was not accidental. I’ve sorted them by priority of needs based on my experience.

The first good rule is to keep your primary containers with essential items up top without any free slot between them so you can control-click any item you brought back from raid back to your stash. In the case of the standard edition of the game, you can value a single slot of over 80 000 rubles. This calculation is an approximation of the summary cost of upgrades and space gained by them.  In the case of a standard account invest most of your money for containers and sell any item not needed in near future. You need to plan your upgrades too, you can hold only so many items for quests and hideout upgrades or crafting.

Hoarding items might be a bad habit and often is not worth it. We know farmers or loot whores which love to have over 1 billion rubbles in stash value, but this is a habit that can be cured. Big stash value does not represent the skill of a player. Usually, a massive stash makes you lose time  and, in the long run, potential income that you could have been making while searching for items. Let’s not even come back to time wasted in your inventory instead of in actual raid progressing your character or simply playing. For a well-organized team, 5 minutes break for selling and gearing up is usually enough to create a new party for another raid. Without proper stash management, it’s becoming impossible to get ready for various raids in such a short time with different gear sets.

Examples of a few members of our team and their solution to stash management: