Why do you need attention and search?

The search and attention skills are massively important to turning a good profit and in good time too. A high level attention skill will give you better loot when looting containers (It’s why your money runs suddenly are much worse after a wipe) and faster container loot speed. A high search skill will let you search backpacks, rigs and pockets faster. Being efficient with your time is possibly the most important skill to master. You must control the tempo.

How to level these skills?

You’ll get attention XP for any items you search and pick up inside containers (including bodies. You’ll search XP just for ‘touching’ a body. Sounds fairly simple right? But progress is usually quite slow

😂😂Whenever you are searching for items in cabinets or any storage you receive points for searching. Try to always pick items you found into your inventory and then just drop them on the floor. You will receive additional experience for looting items and spotting items in your surroundings.

😂😂When you are about to finish your raid and your team is in a safe location, the whole team can drop backpacks. Everyone should pick up every other bag and drop it back instantly. While your character is putting on a bag you receive exp for looting all items inside the backpack. When all bags are back on the floor now everyone in the team should search them and identify the content of all other bags. Game treat bags on the ground is as containers. This way you will level your Attention skill and gain additional exp from items discovered from your teammate’s findings. 

😂😂An additional benefit of such a tradition is “barter trade” items with your team. Maybe your partner is having the last corrugated hose you need for a hideout and he will be happy to get condensed milk as payment. 

😂😂Whenever you’re looting a body and you’re searching backpacks or pockets, you can add ammunition to your mags or simply check every magazine of your enemy. This will give you skill progression in Mandrill as well as a little more exp. While you’re searching you can use your meds or drinks or reload your gun. Just double click the item you want to use and press the button “use all” or “reload”. This way you will be able to practically do two actions at the same time. 

How to boost it?

😂😂If you’re on the map where you will need to loot many containers and you want to do it faster, you can use 3-(b-TG) stimulant which increases your attention by +30 levels. A good example might be food and supply crates in the basement of Hermetic extract on reserve. It will not only increase the speed of looting the container but it will increase the chance to find better loot in a container that is the first time opened. If you will have a chance to open doors it will give you clear information that you’re first looting crates and your bonus will apply. Stimulant is working for 240 seconds so when you open doors and just go for looting you will have just enough time to use it efficiently.