Metabolism level 3 is needed for nutrition station upgrade. But it mainly helps you survive raids without being so worried about energy or hydration.

  • The Elite perk will make it so that you will not experience dehydration or exhaustion effects. Second, physical skills will no longer be forgettable.

Note: This skill will only level where points of hydration are actively restored. This means that if you will drink a bottle of water while you have 99 points of hydration you will only gain 1 point for leveling your skill.


A cheap and good for early wipe option will be to ask your teammate to black your stomach at the beginning of the raid. If you play with friends ask them to melee your stomach or shoot you in the ass in order to black it out and make you lose energy and hydration. (Melee is better because they get strength points from it.) Prepare yourself with a CMS kit in your safe container or supply of provisions for a raid. Another option is not to fix the stomach instantly after you get it blacked out. Just make sure that you have some supplies which will keep you going until extract.

Another good option is to minimize time between raids as much as possible. while not in raid, your PMC will begin to recover energy and hydration. By setting up multiple gear sets of the same loadout in your stash, you can quickly re-deploy and get the most out of your missing energy and hydration.

In the case where the money is no object, you can first eat products like condensed milk or mayonnaise to lower your hydration and then drink some beverage to gain points, but on the early wipe, it’s very expensive. Form eating habits very good idea is to eat sugar leaving only 1 point left of it for use in crafting. Remember that some of these items are quest items or they might have a better purpose than consumption.

List of items that lower your hydration, sorted from highest to lowest dehydration:

Bugs and Quirks

Dehydration will not kill you instantly but it will take a little over 1hp a second from your not blacked out body parts.

Fatigue will make your actions 20% slower and you lose 1 point of health every 2 seconds. Even that official Wikipedia is telling us that it leads to death on the next damage tick after reaching 0 HP on the head or thorax. We had multiple cases where PMC was dying randomly in around 2 minutes time with full HP and Propitol actively medding. It might be a feature of Tarkov but we don’t know it for sure. I was told that to use Propital for surviving a lack of energy will work when you have a small bleed active. You gain your HP back after losing it to bleed and it somehow restarts the fatigue fatal clock back to zero.