In Tarkov there are just a few different types of grenades that can be either thrown or launched, and all with different effects: Flash, smokes, High explosive and fragmentation. Grenades are situational, but can be used to devastating effect under the right conditions. A single well thrown grenade can completely mitigate any advantage gained from high-tier gear, whether that be by completely blinding the enemy, killing them outright, or by forcing them out of safety and into your bullets.

Throwable Grenades have five aspects to concern yourself over: fuse time, explosion radius, fragment damage, fragment count and even the weight of the grenade. With each aspect having specific uses stemming from it.

  • Fuse time: You can exploit short fuses to shock and surprise enemies by not giving them much time to avoid the grenade. On the other hand the very long fuse of a M67 will make enemies scatter, but give you enough time to push through your grenade and attack the panicked enemy.
  • Explosion radius: Anyone caught inside the radius will be killed. This is to simulate the rupturing of lungs and other organs due to high pressure. Naturally higher is better, but most enemies will be able to run away just the few metres away to be safe from the radius, so not a priority.
  • Fragment damage: each bit of shrapnel πŸ¦‘πŸ¦‘πŸ¦‘πŸ¦‘
  • Fragment count: More fragments mean a higher chance of hitting and wounding the enemy. Especially dangerous indoors as they ricochet off the walls. Just do bare in mind that fragments have 0 penetration, so even a cardboard box will stop fragments.
  • Weight: The less the grenade weighs, the further you’ll be able to throw it.

Just do bare in mind that smoke grenades don’t block thermal sights from seeing through.

Grenades can be thrown in 2 different ways. You can do the standard overarm throw which can be executed by the “Throw grenade” keybind or by left-click when the grenade is in your hand. Or you can do an underarm throw by right-clicking with the grenade in your hand. If you didn’t know, you can add a shortcut for your grenades to your hotbar, which will just hold the grenade at the ready to throw.