Version 0.12 of the game,  introduced a new part of our place called “Hideout“. First time in Tarkov we could see where we belong and move around in safety. Since then many things were changed and we can expect even more changes in the near future.

    Remember that for crafting you can use items with any amount of uses left in them. As long as the item is in the stash you can craft from it. A good example might be crafting 7 pieces of Propital from the last use of Ibuprofen Painkillers and Golden Star Balm and 2xPile of meds.

    Remember all items crafted in Hideout are having the status “found in the raid” which allows their use in the quests or sale on Flea Market.

    Currently, we can craft the following items to increase our income as well as some of the supplies needed. 

Intelligence center
Lv2 Broken GPhone + Broken GPhone X + SSD drive to Secure Flash drive
Lv2 3xRAM + SSD drive + Broken GPhone to VPX Flash Storage Module
Lv2 2xPrinted circuit board + PC CPU +2xCPU Fan + VPX Flash Storage Module to Graphics card
Lv3 3xSecure Flash drive to Folder with intelligence


Lv1 GP-5 gasmask to Air filter for gas mask
Lv2 6xZibbo lighter +8xCrickent lighter to Expeditionary fuel tank
Lv2 1xSilicone tube +3xWires +3xInsulating tape to 2xCorrugated hose
Lv2 Expeditionary fuel tank + Metal cutting scissors +3xBolts +3xScrew nut to Magazine case

Med station
Lv1 2xAnalgin painkillers +2xAseptic bandage +Immobilizing splint to Salewa FIRST AID KIT
Lv2 2xAI-2 medikit + Aseptic bandage + Augmentin antibiotic pills to Pile of meds
Lv2 2xMagnet 3xWires 4xCapacitors + Powerbank to Portable defibrillator

Nutrition unit
Lv2 2x Alyonka chocolate bar to Pack of sugar
Lv3 Purified water + Silicone tube to 8xWater bottle with a filter Aquamari
Lv3 Purified water + Pack of sugar + Coffee Majaica + 42nd Signature Blend English Tea to 20xHot Rod

Lv2 2xM67 Hand grenade + RDG-2B Smoke grenade to Gunpowder "Eagle"
Lv2 100x9x19 mm Pst gzh + Gunpowder "Hawk" to 100x9x19 mm AP 6.3
Lv3 Gunpowder "Hawk" + 2xDamaged hard drive to 120x12/70 AP-20 Slug
Lv3 Gunpowder "Eagle" to 120x7.62x39 mm BP
Lv3 Gunpowder "Eagle" + Gunpowder "Kite" + 9x19 mm Pst gzh + A pack of nails to 100x9x19 mm 7N31