This chapter is dedicated to how cheaply and safely use meds in emergency while in combat. We all know that in the early stages of wipe medical supplies are so important and  so much more expensive than later. Some of them are not available until quest compilation. Simple army bandage is a good example.

How to not get caught with your pants down?

First thing is that not many new players knows about how important it is not to waste meds on bleeds. Every light or heavy bleed takes much more points out from your med kit plus in most cases your bleeding limb is already black out. Better way is to use bandages on light and hemostats on heavy bleeds. It’s not only faster but its less distinguishable sound while animation, will not make your enemy to push you or give up your current position. 

In the update which added heavy bleed many people started caring grizzly as a main med kit to save space and have one convincing med supply for most needs. 

Try to analyze this choice.
Price of grizzly might differ depending on the stage of wipe so let’s leave this parameter away and concentrate on time differences on two different scenarios.

Our character is having few blackened parts of the body and two light bleeds as well as one fracture. 

First scenario:

  • 5 seconds to stop the first bleed
  • 5 seconds to stop the second bleed
  • 5 seconds of grizzly to fix broken bone

Remember that you’re losing points of HP until the last bleed is not stopped. It takes 15 seconds before the 3rd use of grizzly was able to act on it. Often your limb is having few points left on it before it gets blacked out. You might lose it due to the slow reaction of grizzly or other medkits. These 15 seconds before you even started to fix real issues with your body might be crucial to change the outcome of the firefight. Let’s not even talk about the priority of making different parts of your PMC by simply just using meds, not manually choosing the place of their use in the Health tab.

Second scenario:
First, we would advise you to stop heavy bleeding, next light bleeds then med thorax then head. When your thorax and head are full then you can start thinking about the comfort of your PMC.

  • 3/5 seconds to stop the heavy bleed
  • 2/3 seconds to stop light bleed
  • 2/3 seconds to fix your thorax
  • 2/3 seconds to fix your head
  • 3/5 seconds to use an immobilizing splint

From 12 to 19 seconds later you have both bleeds stopped, thorax and head fully fixed and your fracture is recovering. Now you can move to a safe location to fix yourself fully.

Additionally the cost of bandages and hemostat are little to none if you simply find them. You should always keep them bound  to use them as fast as only possible. Splint is not so urgent and if it’s a broken leg your character will need to fully stop for a few seconds to fix it. You can keep them in your secure container or even backpack. 

To shorten the use of bleed stoppers you can keybind heavy and light bleed under the same button. To do so you need to change for example quick slot 4 to press key “4” and quick slot 5 to release key “4”

Try to use medkits that are capable of stopping bleeds on limbs that are not blacked yet. You will not only heal your limb but you will stop the bleeding at the end of the animation. Remember that canceling animation before the end of healing might give you additional time but bleeds or fractures will not be cured in such cases.