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The Tarkov Academy project was initiated by Bobuubi and a few friends we met along the way. We’re still working on it and we have a big vision for where to go. We are still actively looking for more help from Tarkov lovers to help us build it, as this project will take a lot of manpower. We wish to apologize for the visual and sometimes technical quality of our content and creations, as our funds are slim to nonexistent and we are doing all the legwork ourselves. Any support is greatly appreciated, you can do so through our Patreon or stream donation, just make sure that you include in the donation note that it is Academy support or anything distinguishable if you do wish to help us out.

Escape from Tarkov is a unique title not only because of the endless weapon modifications or complicated ballistics and mechanics in-game. The main difference in Tarkov compared to other titles is how little guidance you get when you start your adventure and begin learning the game. Many game mechanics and features are not explained or simply hidden. This makes the game harder and more annoying for newcomers in the early stages as the learning curve is steep.

Learning Tarkov on your own might be a long and depressing experience and many people will give up before they will find their way to enjoy and progress in the game. This Academy will help newer players and veterans alike learn about simple things such as weapon builds to more complicated subjects such as unit cohesion.

Playing Tarkov solo is one of the easiest ways to play, but for those who just started playing, the brutality of the game might be terrifying or shocking in the beginning. Having a teammate at your side can help take some of this edge off. Strength in numbers after all.

An alternative way to play Tarkov is to play in a team. The game will not assist you in discerning friends or target acquisition. There are ways which are supposed to help such as armbands but this can be detrimental to your team by giving information to enemies when dying or give your position away by a flash of color that pops compared to your armor or surroundings.

Regardless if you tackle Tarkov solo or in a group of friends. It’s sure to be a wild ride. The highest highs and the lowest lows that you can get from gaming. The start of the journey is always the most difficult. But in time you will feel more and more comfortable and everything will start to make sense. Good luck out there!